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We believe in assigning volunteers to tasks they can get excited about, not day-to-day store operation. When we post job openings, we’ll notify the volunteers before posting the job for the world at large. If you want to help with one of our volunteer committees, please contact us. We’d love to have your help!

Genre Captains

Each Genre Captain will help keep up a particular section of books, like mysteries, histories, or games. When we get advance previews of new books or games, the Genre Captains will get to check them out before the public sees them. We’ll also give the Genre Captains access to industry information and inside news so they can help us stay up-to-date on their section.

Social Media

Volunteers will help engage customers on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Snapchat, Vine, and our email newsletter and provide fresh content for these media.


The Events Team focuses on setting up author events, book signings, and poetry readings, but may set up special game nights, tea tastings, comedy nights, acoustic music performances, and special events like Independent Bookstore Day, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, National Poetry Month, and Banned Book Week.

Store Décor

Working with the Events Team, the Store Décor Team will help us with seasonal & event decoration, painting, signs, and so on.


The Art Team will work with local artists to set up exhibits and shows, along with educational events and signings when an artist releases a book.