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Author Member-Owners

Our Author Member-Owners

One of the things that makes This House of Books special and unique is the number of authors who have purchased shares. They represent a selection of top-notch authors across a broad spectrum of genres, and we're lucky to have their support. In return, we'll ask you to support them!

Click on their names below to peruse their books, and watch our event calendar for appearances in the store.

David Abrams, Fobbit and Brave Deeds

Doug Ammons, The Laugh of the Water Nymph And Other River Stories, Whitewater Philosophy, and A Darkness Lit by Heroes

Jimmie Ashcraft, Reflections of a Country Doctor, The Next Prescription, Side Effects, and Paging Dr. A.

K.J. Backer, Nav'Aria: the Marked Heir and Nav'Aria: The Pyre of Tarsin

Lisa Densmore Ballard, Gasparilla, A Pirate's TaleSki Faster! Guide to Racing and High Performance Skiing, Best Hikes with Dogs: New Hampshire & Vermont, and more

John Billings, Into the Tall and the Uncut

Rick Bonogofsky, The Archangel: Part One, The Demon: After the War: Book 1, and The Assassin and the Knight: After the War: Book 2

Lynn Boughey, Harry Potter and the Art of Spying and Mission to Chara

Jeanne Bowman, The Selfish Giant (illustrator)

Burt Bradley, After Following 

Leslie Budewitz, Chai Another Day, As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles, Death Al Dente, Assault and Pepper, and more!

Christine Carbo, Four novels in the Glacier Mystery Series: A Sharp Solitude, The Weight of Night, Mortal Fall, and The Wild Inside

Ivy Cayden, Everything All At Once

Janet Chapple, Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler's Companion to the National Park and Through Early Yellowstone: Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback, and Skis

Jack Clinton, Clovis 

Lorraine Collins, Alcohol and the Family: Research and Clinical Perspectives, editor with Kenneth E. Leonard and John S. Searles

Giano Cromley, What We Build Upon the Ruins: And Other Stories, and The Last Good Halloween 

Cal Cumin, Dust in the Wind: Poetry of a Time and The Sword Bearer Incident.

emily m. danforth, The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Markus A. Dawson, Getting Real (Estate): True Scenes from a Life of Everyday Chaos

Jamie M. DeBree, Flame & Stone, Tempest, Sleep with Me, The Minister's Maid, Desert Heat, The Biker's Wench, and more!

Mike Dennison, Inside Montana Politics: A Reporter's View from the Trenches

T.S. Dickerson, The Scarring Underneath: A Post-Apocalypic Romance

John Driscoll, Gonzo Road Show Diary, The Battle of the Bulge, A Montana Perspective with Randall LeCocq

Shelley Ann Douthett, Did I Say That Out Loud?: Ramblings in Retirement

Susan M. ElliottFamily Empires, Roman and Christian: Volume I Roman Family Empires, and Cutting Too Close for Comfort: Paul's Letter to the Galatians in Its Anatolian Cultic Context.

Gwen Florio, Silent Hearts, Under the Shadows, The Night of the Flood, Reservations, Montana, and more

Stella Fong, Billings Food: The Flavorful Story of Montana's Trailhead and Historic Restaurants of Billings

Jamie Ford, Love and Other Consolation Prizes, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and more

Gip Foster, Reflections, Rejections, and Other Breakfast Foods

Tessa L. Gatz, The Fire in the Dark: The Truth Will Always Come Out

Dennis Gaub, Midway Bravery: The Story of the U.S. Army Pilot Whose Famed Flight Helped Win a Decisive World War II Battle, and Win 'Em All: Little Laurel Wins Montana's Biggest Basketball Trophy

Rodney Gottula, Double! Not Half

Desdemona Gunn, Biomancy (Biomancer Quintet #1), Bioenhancement (Biomancer Quintet #2)

Sid Gustafson, Swift Dam, Horses They Rode, and more

Kathleen Harward, The Shared Dog, The Lost Recipe, The Paddledog

Cindi Hoiness, Rooter Can't Breathe

Lowell Jaeger, Someday I’d Write This Down, Earth-blood & Star-shine, Or Maybe I Drift Off Alone, Poems Across the Big Sky II: An Anthology of Montana Poets, Driving The Back Road Home, How Quickly What's Passing Goes Past, and more

Adrian L. Jawort, Off the Path: An Anthology of 21st Century Montana American Indian Writers (vols. 1 and 2) and Moonrise Falling

Craig Johnson, the works in the Walt Longmire mystery series, which has been made into a TV series available on Netflix

Allen M. Jones, Sweeney on the Rocks, Montana for Kids: The story of our State, A Bloom of Bones, Last Year's River, A Quiet Place of Violence, and The Best of Montana's Short Fiction

Danell Jones, The Virginia Woolf Writers' Workshop: Seven Lessons to Inspire Great Writing, An African in Imperial London: The Indomitable Life of A.B.C. Merriman-Labor

Dee Jones, I Am Durc: Nomads

Gary A. Keel, Executive Order 14900

Ed Kemmick, Montana, The Lay of the Land, and The Big Sky, by and by: True Tales, Real People and Strange Times in the Heart of Montana

Christopher Kortlander, Arrow to the Heart: The Last Battle at the Little Big Horn: The Custer Battlefield Museum vs. The Federal Government

Melissa Kwasny, Pictograph: Poems, Where Outside the Body Is the Soul Today, Putting on the Dog: The Animal Origins of What We Wear, and more.

Elaine Koyama, Let Me In, Solo Ski Sojourn

Carrie La Seur, The Home Place and The Weight of an Infinite Sky

Craig Lancaster, You, Me & Mr. Blue Sky, Julep Street, Edward Unspooled, and others (To order a copy of his play Straight on to Stardust, donate $19 and put "Straight on to Stardust" and your mailing address in the message section.)

Tim Lehman, Up the Trail: How Texas Cowboys Herded Longhorns and Became an American Icon (How Things Worked), Bloodshed at Little Bighorn, and Public Values, Private Lands

Sam Lightner, Jr., Heavy Green: The Collision of two Unlikely Missions in America's Secret War

Elisa Lorello, You, Me & Mr. Blue Sky, Pasta Wars, Faking It, and others

Sarie Mackay, Fair Game and Lodestar

Keith McCafferty, the eight works in the Sean Stranahan mystery series

Precious McKenzie, Sandstone: An Anthology to Support of This House of Books (ed.), Ruffian, Cinder Yeti, the Mother Natures series, A Vacation in Ruins, Peace, Love, and K-Pop, and much more!

Evan McKinney, High Iron to Fairbanks.

Scott McMillion, Montana, Warts and All, Mark of the Grizzly and Montana, Warts and All (editor)

Elizabeth McNamer, The Case for Bethsaida After Twenty Years of Digging: Understanding the Historical Jesus, Jesus and First-Century Christianity in Jerusalem, and others

Megan McNamer, Home Everywhere and Children and Lunatics

Lorna Milne, Evelyn Cameron: Photographer of the Western Prairie

Lynne Montague, Rim Haven

Scott Murray, My Brothers' Keepers

Robin Newman, Don't Call Me Fuzzybutt, The Case of the Bad Apples, and others!

Sherry O'Keefe, From China to America: The Story of Amy Tan, Champion of Freedom: Aung San Suu Kyi, and others

Dianne Oberhansly, The Madonna of Starbucks and A Brief History of Male Nudes in America

P.R. Oliver, Citizens Ununited: A Novel

Phillip K. Parker, The National Tour of the USS Constitution 1931-1933

Brian Petersen, Vanish

Jean Petersen, Kind SoupThe Big Sky Bounty Cookbook, Moose Shoes, and Village Dresses

Ritch Rand, The Cowboy Hat Book (with William Reynolds)

Shann Ray, Shann Ray Ferch, American Copper, Forgiveness and Power in the Age of Atrocity: Servant Leadership as a Way of Life, and others

William Reynolds, The Cowboy Hat Book (with Ritch Rand)

Ken Robison, Montanans in the Great War: Open Warfare Over There, World War I Montana: The Treasure State Prepares, Yankees & Rebels on the Upper Missouri: Steamboats, Gold and Peace, Confederates in Montana Territory: In the Shadow of Price’s Army, and others

Gary D. Robson, Closed Captioning Handbook, Gary's Guide to Successful Book Signings, Myths & Legends of Tea and the Who Pooped in the Park? series

Aaron Rosen, On Brick and Mortar Retailing: The easy way to learn the things you'll have to learn the hard way in retailing, Brushes with Faith, Where's Your Creativity?, Art and Religion in the 21st Century, Religion, Art in the Heart of Modern Manhattan (ed.) and more

Russell Rowland, Cold Country, Fifty-Six Counties, In Open Spaces, and more

Sheila Ruble, Fire Pony, Don't Park on a Pig, and more

Ed Saunders, Knapsacks and Roses: Montana Women Veterans of World War I

Viola Wilson Schillo, Ducky Lucky

Andrew M. Seddon, Farhope, Wreaths of Empire, What Darkness Remains: Thirteen Tales of the Supernatural and Unknown, In Death Survive: Ghostly Tales, and The DeathCats of Asa'ican: and Other Tales of a Space-Vet

Karen Stevens, Armchair Ghost Hunting, Glacier Ghost Stories: Eerie Tales, Legends and Mysteries of Glacier National Park, More Haunted Montana, and Haunted Montana: a Ghosthunter’s Guide to Haunted Places You Can Visit—if You Dare!

Vicki Tapia, Somebody Stole My Iron: A Family Memoir of Dementia and Maggie: A Journey of Love, Loss & Survival

Edward Tanzosh, Cinder Yeti (illustrator), Wooly Different (illustrator)

Mark Taylor, The Flying Dutchman of Philadelphia, Ernest H. Buehl: the international story of the life and times of a pioneer aviator.

M.H. Van Keuren, Trash: A Love Story, Rhubarb, Legitimacy, Belief, and Gnatz!

Erika Wilson, The Spill (illustrator)

Elizabeth Wood

Wilbur Wood

J.A. Woods, Kings and Cowboys

Peter Young, The Blue Team

Blythe Woolston, MARTians, Black Helicopters, and others

Amy Zhao, Invasion of the Aliens, The Pia the Pinena Fairy Series: The Moondust Adventures, The Legendary Judges of Magic, Saving Maui,

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