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Gift Cards


Gift Cards - Tangible or Virtual?

This House of Books offers gift cards that range from physical gift cards you pick up in the store that can be personalized to e-gift cards you can purchase from the comfort of your own computer or device.

Online you can choose a design and an amount. Once you've made your selection you can send it to yourself to use another day (like a book savings account!) or to your friends.

If you come into the store, you'll be able to choose an amount and maybe personalize the gift card with a lovely notecard or a simple message.

Want to use a gift card online?

Unfortunately our e-commerce website isn't fully equipped to accept gift cards for payment online. However, you can still use a gift card for long-distancing purchasing over the phone. Just give us a call (406-534-1133) and tell us what you'd like us to send to you, and we can process the gift card information over the phone.