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Top Investors

There are many reasons that This House of Books isn't an ordinary book store, but one of the obvious ones is that it is a Co-op instead of a corporation.  A Co-op's life blood is its members and investors.  Members can own up to a single voting share, which entitles them to a single vote in Co-op business.  But they can own as many investment shares as they want, which allows them to receive a share of future Co-op dividends.  

The following is a list of our current top investors in the Co-op: those investing at the Pulitzer level or higher.  We are extraordinarily grateful for their investments.  When you meet any of these investors, please take the time to thank them for their extraordinary support!

David Dietrich Marni Edmiston Nina Hernandez
Carrie La Seur Precious McKenzie Scott M Murray
Dana Niblack Gary D. Robson Bernard Rose
Amy Ross Michael Sanderson Robert Seas
Corby Skinner Gary Splittberger William Stearns
Pat A Stuart Dan Struckman Andy Wildenberg
Bob Wilmouth Joan M Yetter Dwight Zimmerman