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Pros and Cons List Review


A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings by Will Betke-Brunswick / Tin House: 156 pages. $18.95


Graphic novels may be an unfamiliar format for many readers, but the genre has been one of the fastest-growing parts of the book world over the last decade. While much of this expansion has been driven...

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Elisa Lorello All of You Review



All of You by Elisa Lorello / Lancarello Enterprises: 246 pages, $16.95.


Elisa Lorello’s new novel All of You is her best book so far. It combines her signature wit and humor with complex character development and a thread of social commentary about age and gender that amplifies the core plot...

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For Fans of Boys in the Boat...


Faster, By Neal Bascomb, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: 368 pages. $28.00

In Faster, Neal Bascomb takes on the story of one particular racecar matchup of political consequence: the 1938 Pau Grand Prix, in which a Jewish driver in a French-engineered car owned by an American heiress triumphed over the...

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The Tea Bar Reopens!


The Tea Bar is open for you at This House of Books, your member-owed, indie bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

Missed us? We missed you, too. And now we are serving tea again! 

To keep us all safe, there will be some changes. All orders will be placed and delivered at the front register (where we have the germ shield). Customers can request straws, sugar, honey, or other add-ins, but they won't have direct...

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Support Your Bookstore

Support This House of Books, your member-owned, independent bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

How to Help

There's no doubt that the world feels a bit off-kilter these days. As you know, we temporarily closed our downtown store recently as a measure to help curb the progression of the novel coronavirus that's has been blazing around the world. Our community's health and safety is an important...

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Need Tea?

Tea is available from This House of Books, your member-owned, independent bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana


We are now following the governor's orders to shelter at home. Our downtown store is closed but you can still become a member-owner and you can still order books from us. We hope you will.

Because we are unable to sell tea directly from our website, we regret that for now, we cannot help you...

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We're In This Together

Reading is not cancelled. Shop at This House of Books, your member-owned, indie bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

Reading Is Not Canceled!

We have included a second edition of book recommendations below, including a range of activity books for kids. All of these can be ordered via our website for direct shipment to your home, or you can select "Store Pickup Option" and put "Home Delivery" in the comments if you...

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We're taking precautions for the CORVID-19 virus at This House of Books, your member-owned, indie bookstore & tea shop in downtown Billings, Montana

To our wonderful community:

We are doubling our hand-washing routines and wiping all surfaces frequently with a bleach solution…this includes the tablets we use as a point of sale. We are not at this time allowing customers to smell teas, but you can trust us to describe them to you!

We are watching...

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American Sentences


As we go into Poetry Month, I want to share a little about a form that is new to me: American Sentences -- a North American version of the Japanese haiku. These are one line poems that consist of seventeen syllables.

The form was invented by Allen Ginsberg in the 1990s and has been picked up by...

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Two Teas and a Bush

Last month, we had our first tea tasting event of 2019, led by This House of Book's general manager and tea guru Gustavo Belotta. Before serving any tea, however, Gus displayed several jars, one containing a black tea, one a green, and one an herbal, and asked what the difference was.


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