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Historic Tales of Fort Benton (American Legends)

Historic Tales of Fort Benton (American Legends)

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Publication Date: July 31st, 2023
History Press
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"...more romance, tragedy and vigorous life than many a city a hundred times its size and ten times its age." - Historian Hiram M. Chittenden

Deep in the heart of Blackfoot country on the Upper Missouri River, trade relations opened cautiously in 1831. A series of trading posts and clashes followed. By 1846, Fort Benton had become the center of commerce with Indigenous tribes, including the Blackfoot who dubbed it "many houses to the South." Drawing settlers from eastern states, the head of steamboat navigation became known as "the world's innermost port." As a result, the fort became a multicultural melting pot and home to the "Bloodiest Block in the West." Award-winning historian Ken Robison brings to life dramatic sagas of a rapidly developing frontier, from vigilante X. Beidler to the Marias and Ophir Massacres.